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Guangzhou Lux Tanning Salon  was a newly established  indoor tanning salon in Guangzhou, China.
Our salon is dedicated to providing you with a clean environment, excellent cus-tomer service, quality product lines and first-class equipments. 

We are here to help you achieve a beautiful long lasting tan, while keeping skin care and moderation as our first priority. 
We treat all our guests like families. Come and experience what many satisfied members have already discovered, that at Lux Tanning, "WE'RE HOT, WHEN THE SUN'S NOT!".

We are Different!

We Love Tan!

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Our Luxura V6 Indoor Tanning Booths not only provide a better way to a perfect tan but also provide a relaxing tanning experience as you can listen to your favorite music by connecting your phone to the booths.

No two skin types are alike.  Our staff is ready to provide you with detailed explanations about our various products, and will gladly answer any questions that you might have.  We offer membership cards,  packages &  groupon services to meet  your  tanning needs.

Healthy, Smooth, Glowing, Attractive

Our Indoor Tanning Booths

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Hours: Monday to Sunday     |     12:00 – 20:45
Tel: 18122420885     |     WeChat Appointment: 18122420885     |     WeChat Service: 乐享日晒美黑沙龙
Email: 18122420885@189.cn
Address: Room 1617, Royal Mediterranean Hotel, #518, Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, China


地址: 广东省广州市天河区天河路518号 
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Hours: Monday to Sunday     |     12:00 – 20:45
Address: RM 1617, Royal Mediterranean Hotel, #518 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou,CN
Tel: 18122420885  |  WeChat: 18122420885  |  WeChat Service:乐享日晒美黑沙龙          

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